Taoist Personal Development Community For Entrepreneurs: Substack Page Announced

Taoist Personal Development Community For Entrepreneurs: Substack Page Announced

Nemo’s recently announced Substack page serves as an educational and inspirational resource for young entrepreneurs and business owners interested in pursuing financial and lifestyle freedom. The project derives much of its spiritual inspiration from Taoism, an ancient Eastern philosophy that teaches humans how to harmonize with the Tao, or the universe.

More information can be found at https://willnemo.substack.com/

The recently launched Substack page aims to further the Doomer Bloomers Institute’s mission to help young current and aspiring entrepreneurs overcome mental health issues, a poverty mindset, or a lack of resources. The community helps members to adopt a more optimistic, ambitious worldview and to develop confidence in themselves and their business ideas.

The Doomer Bloomers Institute targets the intersection of two populations of North American young adults. “Doomers” are people who are extremely pessimistic about global issues like pollution, overpopulation, peak oil, and climate change. “Bloomers,” by contrast, are young people who are optimistic, confident go-getters. According to Nemo, “doomer-bloomers” are “individuals disillusioned with the present yet hopeful for a brighter future.”

The Doomer Bloomers Institute Substack page was created to document founder Will Nemo’s legacy for this population after he had spent 15 years pursuing the traditional nine-to-five life. Once he learned about the four-hour workweek, however, Nemo became obsessed with freedom of time, money, and location and spent over a decade learning the skills to establish lifestyle freedom. He then decided to teach and share with others how to find purpose and get on the path to living the best version of themselves. Nemo aims to give others the roadmap to do the things they love.

“This Substack is about teaching and sharing with others how to live life to the fullest extent possible using the philosophy of Taoism and staying positive in life,” Nemo explained. “Put simply, say ‘yes’ to every reasonable opportunity that seems positive to your own personal development. Step outside your normal comfort zones and don’t let your life become mundane. Accept every invitation, go on every trip, and climb every mountain in search of that everyday bit of fulfillment.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://willnemo.substack.com/p/beginnings-of-my-legacy-projects

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