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Using Generative AI to Enhance Security and Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

As organisations strive to modernise application development and address the growing cybersecurity skills gap, generative AI is emerging as a valuable tool that complements human teams. TechTarget, a vendor-neutral technology and IT editorial, discusses a strategic approach that leverages generative AI, specifically ChatGPT, to bolster application security, streamline operations, and mitigate cyber threats. The recently-published […]

Non-Price Factors Influencing Divestiture Transactions Highlighted by Article

Even though divesting business units has been a standard mechanism of strategic management for dynamic and consolidated companies for years, corporate sellers still face numerous challenges while executing the transaction. A recent article in Financier Worldwide highlighted the important non-price factors that parties involved in a divestiture transaction for a small-scale business must consider in […]

Iowas Top-Rated Orthodontist Obstructive Sleep Apnea Report Released

Mergen Orthodontics has published a new article entitled, “Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) – Silently Smothering Our Children” which explores how obstructive apnea occurs and why a properly trained orthodontist can ensure early treatment. Folks looking for life-changing treatment for their child and other interested individuals can view the full article at MergenOrthodontics/Blog. Mergen Orthodontics has […]

Texas Custom Pass Thru Dining Room Window, With Flip Out Design Announced

A recent article published on Better Homes & Gardens ranked expansive windows as the number two kitchen trend for 2023. The article, titled “Designers Predict the Top Kitchen Trends for 2023”, quotes certified kitchen designer Meet Pahwa, who said that “We can expect to see kitchens having huge window walls, merging the indoor-outdoor spaces.” OpenUp […]

Self Employed Business Owner ERTC Eligibility, Pre-Application Check: Update

The recently updated tests from ERC Scope allow self-employed business owners to quickly check if they are owed any money from the government’s employee retention tax credit program with further application guidance should they qualify. More information is available at As a CPA firm dedicated to providing business owners with ERTC support, the updated […]

Revolutionizing Travel: Introducing the 5pc Compression Packing Cubes on Amazon

Revolutionizing Travel: Introducing the 5pc Compression Packing Cubes for Suitcases [Daly City, July 2023] – The highly anticipated launch of the 5pc Compression Packing Cubes for Suitcases is set to revolutionize the way customers travel. Designed with innovation and convenience in mind, these packing cubes are poised to streamline the packing experience and enhance every […]

Commercial Solicitor in Newcastle Expands: Expert Legal Advice for Businesses

Pepperells Solicitors, a renowned and highly respected law firm, is thrilled to announce the introduction of their specialised commercial solicitor services in Newcastle. With a wealth of legal expertise, Pepperells Solicitors is poised to provide businesses in the region with unparalleled legal support and guidance. For more information please visit: As a leading law […]

Texas Bespoke Flip Out Commercial Gas Strut Window For Restaurants Launched

The custom window manufacturers’ pass-through service windows have long been popular amongst commercial clients and restaurants in New York and now they have arrived in the Lone Star state. OpenUp Windows’ flip out commercial windows are designed with an innovative gas strut structure that allows them to stay open at a fixed 90-degree angle, creating […]

Self Serve Job Advertising For Retail, Alternative To Traditional Posting Update

This recent announcement by JobAdX is intended to help retail companies find cost-effective alternatives to traditional job posting. Using this updated software, retailers can find qualified talent across all job boards using a combination of manual search tools and automation solutions. To learn more, visit The updated JobAdX software ecosystem uses two different platforms […]

Self-Serve Pay Per Candidate Job Advertising Platform For SMB Clients Updated

The updated tools available through the JobAdX software ecosystem make broad-reach job advertising campaigns a possibility for small businesses on a limited budget. By combining automation solutions with lightweight software and an expansive network of partners, SMB clients can access the same tools used by large corporations for less. To learn more, visit The […]

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