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Medway, MA Vehicle Back Window Repair & Replacement: 1-Hour Service Update

The firm’s latest service includes OEM components for vehicles of any type or age, and is available for both trucks and standard car models, such as Tesla, Toyota, Ford, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. Along with frequently requested windshield repairs or replacements, mobile technicians can also replace broken side or rear windows, as well as a […]

SMS & MMS Bulk Sending, CRM App With Analytics For The Staffing Industry Updated

The app’s latest launch is tailor-made for small businesses that struggle to afford the high retainer fees and per-contact charges levied by large CRM platforms like HubSpot or Salesforce. Bigly’s use-based pricing model allows users to select the services they need when they need them. The CRM system is free to use with business owners, […]

Straightforward Bulk VoIP Phone Service For Business Efficiency, App Updated

The app’s latest launch offers a unique use-based pricing model to small businesses that wish to make more of internet-based voice calls as a tool for customer relationship management (CRM). With no limits placed on the number of monthly call minutes or the number of contacts held in the database, Bigly provides a cost-efficient way […]

Fast Acting TENS Therapy Unit, Burst Mode For Sciatica, Nerve Pain Announced

The company’s latest launch affirms its commitment to providing customers with affordable alternatives to expensive physical therapy. The TENS Unit Simulator is made by acclaimed medical tech manufacturer iTENS and offers wireless operation. More details can be found at The announcement shares details of this innovative device which is now available for purchase through […]

Energy Efficiency Consultant For Hotels: Energy Savings Program Launched

Besides generating unnecessary utility costs, inefficient electricity systems can reduce a hotel’s profitability by deterring environmentally-conscious consumers. Onsite Utility Services Capital offers the latest energy-efficiency lighting and HVAC solutions, helping clients stay ahead of trends in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry. More information is available at The service update responds to a recent TripAdvisor […]

Scottsdale Non-Invasive Hemorrhoid Removal | Pain-Free Treatment Announced

Patients experiencing hemorrhoid symptoms such as bleeding, burning, itching, and swelling, can now opt for this non-invasive CRH O’Regan procedure for fast hemorrhoid removal at Elite Banding. More details can be found at The recently announced treatment can be completed in under a minute and does not require preparation, sedation, or downtime. Elite Banding […]

San Antonio Employee Benefit Packages & Consulting For SMBs, Service Announced

Colonial Life Agency’s ‘Amplify Your Benefits’ service gives SMBs in San Antonio the ability to provide their employees with benefits such as life insurance, disability insurance, and accident insurance. More information is available at With the recent launch of his employee benefits business, Amped brand owner Rick Orozco is expanding the services he provides […]

Chaplain School: Training For Elementary Education & Spiritual Guidance Launched

The National School Chaplain Association or NSCA is the organization behind the largest school chaplain certification program in the US and they have now streamlined their training with their new online chaplain school. Having previously trained and accredited over 24,000 chaplains who are now working in schools across the country, they recommend that anyone who […]

Colorado Springs Complete & Partial Denture For Missing Teeth, Treatment Updated

With the update, Bear Creek Dental Center is providing patients with ways of filling spaces created by missing teeth and preventing surrounding teeth from shifting. The dentures are made to resemble and function like natural teeth and can be removed as needed. More details can be found at According to Bear Creek Dental Center, […]

Chaplain Provider For Elementary Schools; Chaplaincy Services Expanded

The organization’s recent expansion gives schools the ability to hire a chaplain to provide counsel, prayer, and spiritual care to staff, students, and their families. Chaplains certified by the National School Chaplain Association go through comprehensive training to learn how to provide spiritual and emotional support without promoting a particular religious group, preaching, or proselytizing. […]

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