Fixing Negative Brand Perception: Consistency, Positioning Strategy Guide Launch

Fixing Negative Brand Perception: Consistency, Positioning Strategy Guide Launch

Offering expert tips and content strategies to establish a strong online presence, the new guide emphasizes the importance of audience connection and authenticity in storytelling. It argues for a brand positioning strategy rooted in a unique message or cause.

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LO:LA covers six important aspects of brand strategy that can be used by startups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses to engage with their customers more effectively.

Research shows that 88% of consumers now cite authenticity as the number one factor in their relationship with brands. However, many businesses struggle to build an authentic brand that resonates with target audiences.

As such, LO:LA provides a roadmap for tackling this challenge by starting with an audit of negative perceptions and determining root causes. This allows companies to address issues from the ground up when creating branding strategies. The focus is on understanding audience needs and then building consistent messaging that fulfills those across channels.

A key emphasis is on social media engagement with customers. The guide stresses responding to feedback and critiques, not just positive comments – which can foster transparency and shows audiences the company is listening.

Regular monitoring of brand perception is another critical component. By tracking changes over time, companies can make necessary messaging adjustments while staying true to their core identity. Consistency is key, but adapting to audience wants is equally important.

Taking an audience-centric approach is critical for authenticity, says LO:LA – and messaging must evolve to meet changing consumer demands and perceptions. By providing a roadmap focused on understanding audiences, consistent engagement, and adapting over time, LO:LA believes companies can build strong, transparent relationships between brands and customers.

A spokesperson states: “Remember, building positive brand perception takes time and effort. Stay committed to your brand positioning strategy and be patient as you work to improve your brand perception.”

To assist clients wanting to establish a strong brand, the agency offers a brand-in-a-box service that is suitable for companies across all fields.

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