The Best AI PR Agencies You Must Know

The Best AI PR Agencies You Must Know

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By James Wells, Benzinga

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize a variety of industries. A technology with this much potential naturally prompts strong reactions from the public. Some reactions are positive. Others are hesitant and apprehensive about technology many arent familiar with yet. This is where public relations (PR) agencies come in. While everyone has encountered or used AI technology before whether they know it or not, a portion of the public still hasnt made up their minds on it.

PR agencies specializing in AI play a crucial role in educating your audience about the ins and outs of the technology as it relates to your product or service and demonstrating the benefits AI can bring to the table. Additionally, to increase brand awareness and credibility, a knowledgeable AI PR agency can land great coverage for your company and the knowledge leaders who are part of your team.

SlicedBrand: Deep Understanding Of AI & Strategic Storytelling

AI-focused PR agency SlicedBrand has a true passion for AI and many clients in the space from Aimis generative music platform to HubKonnects AI platform that helps restaurants and other retail stores transform data into corresponding Local Store Marketing (LSM) campaigns. SlicedBrands team is well-versed in machine intelligence and learning, natural language processing, the inner workings of AI technology and more. This deep knowledge helps SlicedBrand craft stories that are easily digestible for the media and the general public.

SlicedBrand focuses on the importance of strategic storytelling to the media, which serves a dual purpose. First, it enables the agency to navigate the complexities of emergent technologies effectively. Second, it cultivates strong relationships between brands, publications and their audience.

The team identifies key narratives, formulates compelling pitches, and secures targeted media coverage. This focus amplifies client visibility and has benefitted a diverse range of companies, including industry giants like Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Xayn, Airobotics, CloudSight, Unbabel, Wasteless, Zebra Medical Vision, Syte, UVeye, and more. You can see their great work with top AI companies here.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Brand Messaging & Media Relations: SlicedBrand makes sure to push creative and timely brand messaging to its extensive network of media contacts and key influencers. The wealth of journalistic experience of CEO Ayelet Noff, a tech writer since 2006, ensures that AI stories are spread to the right audiences in the right way.

  • Thought Leadership: SlicedBrand identifies critical AI industry dialogues, positioning their clients as thought leaders. This tactic draws from their extensive experience working with thousands of diverse companies across numerous sectors of technology.

  • Commentary and Podcasts: As the world turns to AI experts for understanding and advice, SlicedBrand helps AI specialists find the right platform to position themselves whether its through sharing their insights in an article or placement on a podcast.

  • Speaking Opportunities: Years of experience in the technology sector have given SlicedBrand a unique insight into the network of international events that push the AI industry forward. Utilizing its strong connections with event organizers, SlicedBrand places its clients exactly when and where they need to be to share their vision and connect with other innovators and leaders.

Edelman: Creativity & Global Leadership In The AI Sector

As the world's largest PR agency, Edelman excels in the health, technology, and public affairs sectors. Established in Chicago in 1952, Edelman now operates more than 60 offices across the globe. Unlike SlicedBrand, which leverages strategic storytelling strategy to distill complex concepts within tech-centric and emerging sectors, Edelman aids clients in maintaining agility in the evolving tech landscape.

Edelman prides itself on creativity and innovation, expanding its team to over 600 creatives and planners in recent years. Founder Richard Edelman substantiates the firm's commitment to evolve into an integrated marketing services player that remains at the forefront of emerging trends such as AI.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Market Leadership: Edelman's extensive experience with both Fortune 500 companies and tech startups places it at the cutting edge of innovation and success in the AI and technology sector.

  • Global Outreach: Thanks to its diversified involvement across various industries, Edelman equips companies to cultivate their brand and reputation on a global scale.

Weber Shandwick: Data-Driven Insights & Ethical AI-focused agency

While SlicedBrand champions a storytelling approach, Weber Shandwick, another key player, leans toward a quantitative, data-driven strategy, possibly lacking the personal touch and journalistic savvy inherent in SlicedBrand's operation due to SlicedBrand CEOs deep roots in journalism.

Nonetheless, Weber Shandwick is committed to promoting its clients' ethical data acquisitions that ensure an unbiased analysis and compliance with complex regulatory landscapes. This commitment positions Weber Shandwick strongly within the AI sphere, especially during a time when AI-driven misinformation is rampant, making high-quality data more essential than ever.

Weber Shandwicks expansive team of over 150 members is comprised of data scientists, market researchers, and engineers. This diverse set of expertise combined with their unique technology and deep, client-centric knowledge allows Weber Shandwick to address a wide range of business challenges using data science.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Data-Driven Insights: Weber Shandwick's AI capabilities enable them to analyze billions of data points from thousands of sources. By quickly executing complex procedures and integrating multiple models, they deliver meaningful, actionable insights for AI startups at the technological forefront.

  • Narrative Intelligence: Recently, Weber Shandwick entered into a partnership with Blackbird.AI, harnessing the power of narrative intelligence. The partnership equips Weber Shandwick with AI models and network visualizations to monitor bots, activists, and evolving narratives enhancing their PR capabilities when working with top AI startups.

Embracing Tomorrow's Possibilities: AI Public Relations

PR agencies have a tremendous role to play for each AI company that they work with. In addition to educating mainstream users, they actively work to counter the partially negative narrative associated with the technology.

While each is known for its own secret sauce, SlicedBrand, Edelman and Weber Shandwick all push for a main goal positive client coverage. In an industry so hot and ever-evolving, its important to bring on an agency that is in the thick of the AI movement already. Choose the professionals to get professional PR results.

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