James Kenton Reinforces Metal Roofs in Tennessee with Kynar Paint

James Kenton Reinforces Metal Roofs in Tennessee with Kynar Paint

The reflective coating deflects sunlight off the surface of metal roofs, increasing their durability

Nashville, TN, 12th September 2023, ZEX PR WIRELeading expert in the metal roofing industry, James Kenton, is proud to announce the implementation of Kynar paint in reinforcing metal roofs across Tennessee. With a focus on durability and aesthetic excellence, Kenton is elevating roofing standards, offering homeowners a superior solution to protect and enhance the longevity of their roofs.

Kynar paint is a premium fluoropolymer coating known for its superior performance and weather resistance. It is the cornerstone of Kenton’s enhanced metal roofing solutions. This advanced coating technology provides an extra layer of protection against the harsh elements Tennessee often experiences, including heavy rainfall, intense sunlight, and extreme temperature fluctuations.

The application of Kynar paint not only extends the lifespan of metal roofs but also preserves their original appearance over time. With its exceptional color retention and resistance to fading, chalking, and staining, Kynar-coated metal roofs maintain their vibrant hues, enhancing the overall curb appeal of residential and commercial properties.

A roofer representing James Kenton shared their two cents about the Kynar coating: “We are driven by innovation and unwavering dedication to providing the best roofing solutions for our customers. By incorporating Kynar paint in our metal roofs, we deliver unparalleled protection and aesthetic and functional longevity, ensuring our clients’ investment is safeguarded for years.”

Kynar paint’s exceptional resistance to corrosion and UV rays adds an extra layer of defense against premature roof deterioration, ultimately reducing maintenance costs and enhancing energy efficiency. With its reflective properties, Kynar-coated metal roofs can also contribute to lower cooling costs, promoting eco-friendly and sustainable roofing solutions.

James Kenton‘s commitment to excellence and a cumulative 30 years in roofing has earned him the trust of homeowners across Tennessee, with an extensive portfolio of successful metal roofing projects. With the addition of Kynar paint, his roofing solutions set a new benchmark for durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal in the roofing industry.

For more information and to explore the benefits of Kynar-coated metal roofs, please visit https://whereisjameskenton.com/.

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James Kenton, a metal roofer from Massachusetts, embarked on his roofing journey in 1994 and has become a driving force in the industry. After settling in Tennessee 15 years ago, Kenton established himself as an independent contractor, overseeing and mentoring a new generation of roofers. His expertise encompasses a wide range of services, from repairing and replacing to installing and retrofitting metal roofs for homes throughout the state. For further information, please refer to the contact details below.

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