Knowledge Nuggets Inc. Releases New Productivity Book For Digital Entrepreneurs

Knowledge Nuggets Inc. Releases New Productivity Book For Digital Entrepreneurs

This pivotal book was written with the intention of arming entrepreneurs with the world’s best practices for preventing procrastination in one’s day-to-day life. The intent of the book is to shine a light on the systems and skills that can be used to grow and profit faster, so people can start living the life they dream about living today, instead of decades from now.

This book covers the essential components of high-performing entrepreneurs and businesspeople and is offered in a summarized style that allows people to quickly find, consume, and implement what they need.

The journey of all entrepreneurs requires various tools at different stages, and this guidebook is meant to be revisited and used as a fast reference tool that provides understandable explanations and a selection of action steps. A core component of productivity is time management, and this book was designed to save readers time by compiling important concepts for today’s entrepreneurs in one place. During times when businesspeople need guidance, time is always tight, and reducing research and the time needed to read through dozens of books is an effective time-saving technique.

Productivity Rituals For Digital Entrepreneurs sets its main focus on adding hours to the day by killing procrastination, escaping shiny object syndrome, and avoiding other common time wasters. Many of the productivity rituals found in this guidebook will reveal which steps to take in order to make a given change, such as setting oneself free from procrastination, avoiding the trap of over-analyzing, learning when to pivot, how to evoke peak performance level focus, engineering successful outcomes, and a lot more.

For the first time ever, 77 productivity rituals and 20 productivity tools have been condensed and arranged in an easy-to-consume book that people may refer back to over time. It contains lessons, principles, tools, and stories that are timeless and are required at different stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

Readers will likely take a particular interest in the basket of vetted productivity tools that are showcased in Chapter 5. This book gives people knowledge and the actual tools they will need to draw upon during their journey.

Heather Farrell is a successful digital entrepreneur whose mission is to prove that anyone can build a profitable online business from anywhere in the world. A seasoned expat who has been living and working overseas for 22 years, she personifies the digital lifestyle. She is responsible for multiple seven-figure top-line revenues, is a super affiliate, and is a published author. This all helped shape the creation of the book, which is a compilation of several decades of living and working in 5 countries, intense personal development, direct market experience, and several years’ worth of specific training in a variety of disciplines.

Today she works from the road while traveling the world with her husband and their expat kitty named Shelby. When asked about why she wrote the book, Farrell said: “After being asked on numerous occasions for my best advice and suggestions, I decided to put pen to paper and make a note of each one I could think of”.

Farrell believes this book can save other entrepreneurs time and money that would otherwise be wasted when going down the wrong path, and from losing enthusiasm and ambition which happens when people get stuck in a rut, spinning their wheels and getting nowhere. The practices in this book help people get unstuck and move forward.

This positive outlook from the author is certainly a testament to her optimism, considering some of the challenges that resulted in its creation. As with any great story, there were several mishaps along the way, perhaps the biggest was staying stuck in the wrong business for a number of years until the COVID pandemic hit and forced what would later become a beneficial change.

In a recent interview, the author made a point of dedicating the book to her mother, who was a vanguard and a pioneer for women in business, for her part in the creation of this book which came through the molding of her daughter. Farrell went on to explain that she will always be deeply grateful to her mom for demonstrating the courage and moxie it took in her day to ascend and become one of the first women in Canada to hold a high-level management position in a large international corporation. Expressing pride in her mother`s accomplishments, she went on to call her one of the early trailblazers who smashed through more than one glass ceiling in the business world and helped open doors for the businesswomen who would follow.

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The book’s cover art was created by Heather Farrell, and Productivity Rituals For Digital Entrepreneurs has been released and self-published in true entrepreneur style.

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