Powering Happiness: How Leoht Ltd’s Solar Panels Delighted a New Client in the UK

Powering Happiness: How Leoht Ltd’s Solar Panels Delighted a New Client in the UK

UK – Leoht Ltd, a reputable provider of PV solar panel and battery systems in the UK, has once again delighted a satisfied client. Ali Welcher was thrilled to receive his electricity bill for May 2023, which showed an impressive credit of 168 pounds.

This significant improvement in his energy consumption and costs highlights Leoht Ltd’s dedication to delivering high-quality solar installation UK, supporting homeowners in their journey towards a greener future.

“Yeah, it’s crazy good now the sun is out, and we can export at a good rate,” Mr Welcher said.

With Leoht Ltd’s innovative solar panel and battery system, Ali Welcher has been able to tap into the potential of renewable energy, drastically reducing his reliance on the grid and positively impacting the environment. The surplus power generated by his solar panels is now being exported back to the grid at an impressive rate, earning him substantial credit on his electricity bill.

Ali Welcher’s solar installation boasts an innovative feature: the iBoost system, which cleverly channels excess solar generation to heat his hot water. This brilliant utilisation of surplus energy has brought about a remarkable achievement – the complete elimination of gas consumption during the same period. This not only translates to significant energy independence for Ali but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

At the helm of Leoht Ltd is Thomas Moyes, the Founder, and CEO, who has played a pivotal role in driving the company to the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. Thomas’s extensive expertise includes holding a prestigious Galileo Master Certificate in Solar Photovoltaics and Energy Storage from the European Institute of Technology, alongside a Master’s in Finance. With such a well-rounded background, he has been instrumental in ensuring that Leoht Ltd consistently delivers excellence in every solar project they undertake.

Leoht Ltd’s dedication to adhering to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) guidelines ensures that every solar installation is thoroughly planned and executed with meticulous attention to detail. The company’s commitment to providing customers with high-performing, quality solar power systems has won them a large number of happy clients like Ali Welcher, who now embrace the advantages of sustainable energy solutions.

As the UK continues its journey toward a greener and more sustainable future, Leoht Ltd remains steadfast in its mission to empower homeowners and businesses with innovative solar solutions. The success stories of satisfied clients like Ali Welcher are a shining example of the positive impact of Leoht Ltd’s innovative solar technology on energy consumption and environmental preservation.

Contact the solar installers UK at 01273 286627 to schedule a service. Visit Leoht Ltd’s website for more information about their services. The company is located at Flat 8, 1-2, Adelaide Mansions, Hove, BN3 2FD, GB.

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