Exploring New Trends in the Digital Economy: Meet HTX at NFT Taipei 2023

Exploring New Trends in the Digital Economy: Meet HTX at NFT Taipei 2023

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December 1, 2023 – The founder of TRON and a member of HTX's Global Advisory Board, Justin Sun, received an invitation to attend NFT Taipei 2023, a prominent NFT event in Asia. Taking the virtual stage, he delivered a captivating speech titled "The Intersection of Digital, Humanity, and Art," sharing unique insights into the NFT market. Sun, a cryptocurrency mogul, emphasized that HTX, as one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, is actively monitoring the NFT markets evolution. The exchange aims to foster innovative growth in the digital economy and provide users with a diverse digital asset trading experience.

During his speech, Sun introduced his own NFT avatars, such as Tpunk#3442 and BAYC Tron NFT. He expressed the view that the digital era, comparable to the settlement of Mars, signifies a trend that the crypto world can spearhead. NFT avatars represent a novel form of digital art, showcasing a more universal punk style that embodies a fusion of individual talent and artistic inspiration from traditional art. This, coupled with widespread recognition and appreciation, symbolizes a new era in the digital art landscape.

According to Sun, each generation defines its era through unique artistic forms and expressions. To us, NFTs and unique on-chain digital art represent the creativity and vision of our generation in today's era driven by blockchain and artificial intelligence. They not only serve as mediums for our exploration and self-expression but also act as our virtual galleries. NFTs enable us to both create art and achieve decentralized and global interaction within the art world. This interaction transcends physical boundaries, providing a real-time space for global creators to create and participate.

Regarding the integration of traditional art and NFTs, Sun emphasized that NFTs in the digital age demonstrate profound human interest and imbue digital art with genuine value and identity, ensuring that creators receive the deserved respect and rewards for their intellectual labor. Through NFTs, artists can directly communicate with their audience, eliminating the need for intermediaries, and explore more possibilities for creation and interaction.

Furthermore, Sun mentioned that the APENFT Foundation was established in 2021 to promote the integration of the metaverse, finance, and art. It houses collections with a total value exceeding 1 billion RMB, including Picasso's "Femme nue couche avec collier," Andy Warhol's "Three Self-Portraits," Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi's "Portrait" for Justin Sun, Beeple's "Ocean's Front" and "ABUNBANCE," as well as the "Cube" NFT collection by the digital artist Pak and "Digital Zones" by Mitchel Chen.

Sun expressed his pride in embracing new opportunities brought by digital art, as a member of HTX's Global Advisory Board and the founder of TRON. He also mentioned that HTX and TRON are dedicated to building a secure and reliable platform that allows more people to access NFTs and understand their value. He believes that NFTs will play a crucial role in connecting the digital world with the real world and exploring something more in human art and culture.

NFT Taipei, known as the largest NFT art and blockchain forum in Asia, took place from November 30 to December 3 this year at the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park in Taipei. It brought together dozens of top leaders in the Web3 space to decode how to create new opportunities in blockchain and NFTs in the next bull run and discuss diverse topics such as AAA game firms engaging in blockchain games and DeFi's ability to meet market demands. Additionally, the OneOffs Fair during the NFT Taipei 2023 attracted hundreds of artists and over 100,000 participants around the world, featuring famous NFT projects including BAYC, the largest blue chip NFT community.

As a steadfast advocate for the digital economy, HTX looks forward to leveraging the NFT Taipei event to establish closer connections with digital asset practitioners worldwide, jointly driving NFTs growth, exploring new trends and opportunities in the digital age, and creating new peaks in the digital economy.

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