Warped Games Launches WARPED Token, Making Waves in Web3 GameFi with Over $6 Million in First-Day Volume

Warped Games Launches WARPED Token, Making Waves in Web3 GameFi with Over $6 Million in First-Day Volume

New York, NY – Dec 1, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – In a recent development within the Web3 GameFi sector, Warped Games launches its new utility token, WARPED on December 1, 2023, drawing attention in the gaming and cryptocurrency communities. With more than 800 holders already demonstrating their confidence in its potential, the project recorded an impressive first-day trading volume of nearly $7 million.

The WARPED utility token launch marks a major milestone in Warped Games’ journey, cementing their place as a contender to watch in the Web3 gaming sector. This achievement is seen as a testament to their expertise and abilities in adapting and overcoming obstacles often encountered in the space. With company President Scott Brown and Managing Director Adam steering the Warped Games team through the turbulent and rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, the company aims to solve some of the industry’s biggest problems that many have come to accept in modern gaming.

The launch of WARPED is not just another token introduction; it represents a shift in the gaming paradigm. The token offers unprecedented freedom and creative agency to both the creators and the community, a freedom often restricted in conventional funding models. It signifies a new era where old dogs are learning new tricks, adapting their vast experience to the uncharted territory of Web3.

“You guys just don’t understand how unique this is,” said Scott to his team on the day of the launch. “To make a polished game and do it properly without a production company or a publisher breathing down your neck or looking over your shoulder opens up the door to creative freedom. We can design this game however we want.”

The Warped Universe, set in a vast and intricate science fantasy setting, offers a groundbreaking gaming experience that blends elements of a Massively Multiplayer Online game with a surreal, dream-like universe. Players will navigate an environment where space combat, tactical ground missions, and RPG-style storytelling converge where the lines of reality blur, leading to a spectrum of outcomes that can be either exhilarating or terrifying.

This unique blend of gameplay styles and the dream-reality crossover ensures that each player’s journey in the Warped Universe is both distinct and impactful where both token holders and non-token holders significantly influence the game’s design and direction. While WARPED token holders can curate the game’s aesthetic and development, non-token holding gamers also shape the universe through their in-game actions.

The utility token also bridges Web2 to Web3 asset conversion, and provides access to exclusive rewards and items. This approach aligns with the practical ethos of Web3, enhancing player engagement through tangible benefits.

With a proven track record of having launched the Web3 STARL Metaverse in Unreal Engine 5 with wallet integration and in-game NFT’s, they are not unaware of the challenges involved in shifting the way gamers view Web3, ensuring the Warped Universe is not just a game, but a culmination of lessons learned and a vision realized.

“The WARPED token is our attempt to bring into the gaming space the things that I’ve admired about Web3 since entering the blockchain and crypto space. It provides accessibility to everyone and gives players and users a voice that holds weight. It allows everyone to be a part of the system and play the game they truly want to be in.”, said managing director Adam.

While the company continues to navigate and shape its virtual frontier, the digital community is sure to be eagerly watching what has become an increasingly tighter race between frontrunners of this industry.

About Warped Games

Warped Games is a gaming studio composed of passionate developers and designers with experience working on popular games such as Lego Universe, Star Citizen, Jumpgate, Dragons & Titans, and more. They are pioneers of the Web3 gaming space, always striving for innovation, being the first team to launch wallet connection and interactive NFT utilities in Unreal Engine 5 under the STARL Metaverse project. Expanding upon this foundation, their ambitions are propelling their objectives to new heights and horizons.

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