Namada Launches RPGF Airdrop of NAM Tokens to Researchers, Developers, and Stakers

Namada Launches RPGF Airdrop of NAM Tokens to Researchers, Developers, and Stakers

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Namada, a protocol offering asset-agnostic, multichain privacy solutions, has unveiled its Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RPGF) program with an allocation of 6.5% of the total supply (65M) of NAM, the staking, governance and transaction fee token of the Namada privacy network.

In recognition for the innumerable public and open-source contributions in the fields of privacy, zero knowledge technology and more without which, Namada wouldnt be possible a significant portion of the NAM allocation is dedicated to public contributors to the Zcash, Rust, ZKP, Privacy and Interchain tech ecosystems.

NAM Distribution Details

Specifically, the RPGF round includes developers of key Zcash infrastructure including wallets, cryptographic libraries, ZIPs, as well as Rust dependencies that were crucial for Namada. Contributors to ZK protocols, proving systems and cryptography solutions, decentralised privacy protocols, as well as contributors to ZK learning resources and members of in ZK-related topics are eligible for the RPGF distribution.

Finally, the RPGF round will reward contributions to R&D efforts in consensus, bridge design, interoperability and public goods funding.

To be considered a public contributor, researchers must have submitted at least two commits before 30 November to any of a large number of GitHub repositories in the categories specified, or posted the forum in the sections mentioned previously. Depending on category, active contributors (with 10-20 commits) will be eligible for more NAM tokens.

Other allocations in the RPGF airdrop include Gitcoin contributors for ZK tech and crypto advocacy, as well as participants in the Namada Trusted Setup. For broader community contribution, NAM will be claimable by stakers in Osmosis and Cosmos, as well as BadKids NFT holders. The snapshots were taken on 1 November for staking and 14 November for NFT holders. Full information is available on the Namada blog.

Distribution Statistics and Vision

The final list includes 7,094 researchers and developers, 191,715 on-chain accounts and Bad Kids, and 2510 contributors in the Trusted Setup. The accounts eligible for the NAM RPGF will have until 28 December, 2024 to submit their genesis Namada account on and claim their allocation.

Christopher Goes, co-founder of Namada, said "If we want to live in a flourishing world of public goods, we must design and use economic systems which support them not only in rhetoric but also in material compensation. Namada depends upon many public goods which have come before, and this RPGF drop is part of our attempt to give some ownership back to the creators and supporters of those goods and do our part in realising such a world."

About Namada

The RPGF claim comes ahead of the planned launch of Namada mainnet in early 2024, granting fully shielded transactions for cross-chain assets with a shared anonymity set. The NAM token will be used for direct on-chain governance, stewarding further Public Goods Funding, and paying for using the cross-chain shielded asset protocol.Namada is the first chain built on the Anoma protocol to take advantage of MASP, or Multi-Asset Shielded Pool, which enables Zcash-level privacy for all assets bridged to Namada all while sharing a single anonymity set. This offers reliable privacy for even the smallest and least known assets, and makes it accessible for more crypto users.

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