A Kansas Dad De-Frauded From His Daughters, Returns as Pro Se Attorney Years Later Bringing JoCo Judges to Justice

A Kansas Dad De-Frauded From His Daughters, Returns as Pro Se Attorney Years Later Bringing JoCo Judges to Justice

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A father from Kansas, returns after undermining a family court conspiracy to interfere that defraud him years ago. The Kansas Dad now Pro Se Attorney Brings Federal Summons on a Chief Judge, a District Judge, two KC attorneys and Gardner Police Dept

Kansas City, Kansas Dec 7, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – A Kansas pro se father representing himself in the United States District of Kansas Court has left the Kansas judiciary in shell shock recently. As his own attorney, this dad has summoned several Johnson County judges and court officials into the Kansas High Court to appear before the Magistrate, under allegations of federal conspiracy and racketeering claims.

The father’s initial claims are becoming very substantiated when he says he was defrauded of being a dad years ago and the Johnson County judiciary had built a ‘misconduct machine’ against the children’s best interest, well being and all their protected constitutional and his father’s rights. Those claims appear increasingly substantiated as Kansas Magistrate Teresa James has now issued a summons to Johnson County Chief Judge Charles Droege regarding the father’s allegations. Judge Droege now joins Family Court Judge Paul Will Burmaster facing potential federal interference and constitutional deprivation charges under conspiracy to interfere and cause harm to minor children just to attack his parental rights.

The father, Matthew Escalante, after being robbed of the title ‘Dad’ has now returned to the Kansas courts demanding accountability for the alleged hierarchy of misconduct in the Johnson County 10th Judicial District Court in Olathe. He brings unprecedented claims of the amounts of civil rights violated by the judiciary of both children and fathers in a series of lawsuits under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 against officials in the Johnson County District Court hierarchy starting at the top, the chief.

The father of two children alleges misconduct and constitutional violations not just by those two judges but also several court officials, claimed to constitute this “machine” of misconduct intended to extort, deprive and defraud Kansas fathers in Judge Burmaster’s Division 14 courtroom.

Magistrate James’ most recent summons to the Chief Judge occurred on December 5th related to the father’s fourth federal complaint.
The father’s federal filings describe an actual hierarchy of alleged misconduct being performed by court officers. And when laid out in a vertical fashion it can be seen:

The Chief Judge – https://www.pacermonitor.com/…/51592544/Escalante_v_Droege

The District Judge – https://www.pacermonitor.com/…/Escalante_v_Burmaster

The Attorneys- https://www.pacermonitor.com/…/Escalante_v_Escalante_et_al

The Law Enforcement- https://www.pacermonitor.com/…/Escalante_v_Gardner…

The father’s disclosures to the High Court described are incredibly disturbing accounts of a mechanism intended to undermine the best interests of his children. Disturbingly, it is stated in his filings a fifth conspirator of a Johnson County contractor has been notified of an impending lawsuit, claiming to fit within this alleged hierarchy at the bottom. This contractor provides reunification services for the court involving parents and children after alleged domestic violence incidents. Lawsuits against the judge and attorneys refer in mentions to August 2023 email chains with the Layne Project LLC, a court contractor using methods described as outright extortion of a father under a purportedly fraudulent protective order.

This stems from a family court claimed to serve children’s best interests. However, the father has every right to bring federal questions as to whose children the court is actually serving. The misconduct described does not end there. It is worth considering why and how such alleged misconduct could continue for so long, according to the filings. The father filed over 60 complaints this year with the Kansas Commission on Judicial Conduct regarding Judge Burmaser, which were all dismissed, as in another recent case of Marion Newspaper Raid was also dismissed this week by our Commission. Instead of acquiescing, the father brought those dismissed ethics allegations to the Federal Court as the basis for federal complaints under Section 1983, constitutional deprivation, misconduct and civil rights violation claims also that may qualify under 18 USC 242, defining criminal civil rights violations under color of law.

The district judge lawsuit is nearing default as Judge Burmaster has not responded, suggesting validity to the father’s testimony and disturbing dismissal of these matters by the ethics commission. Kansans should be advised of threats to constitutional rights when protections are lacking from any oversight body, as these records suggest regarding Judge Burmaster and other recent cases. The Johnson County lawsuits are gaining national media and advocacy organization attention relating to parental rights, especially of fathers, and domestic violence victims procedurally abused under the state’s protective order processes exhibited by Judge Burmaster. The litigation outcomes could significantly impact future family court case handling in Kansas if concerns over these courts and children are addressed.

The father, fighting for shared parenting rights for years, hopes to establish equal parental rights in custody battles, and show pro se power to those like him, at one time when he felt powerless. He wants to ensure “parents” as a whole receive just treatment. He remains determined to see justice served unequivocally. He reports not seeing his oldest daughter since July 2021 and his youngest for 17 months and their dad now justifiably seeks over $21 million in damages, on their behalf across four federal lawsuits, demanding a trust be established for each of his children’s futures, as well. Very admirable, as was also very risky. And a family court should never contain such variables.

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