Their Actions App “The Chat App for The Enraged” Not Afraid to Offend & Call Out Bad Behavior

Their Actions App “The Chat App for The Enraged” Not Afraid to Offend & Call Out Bad Behavior

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Got a weight to get off your shoulders? Been offended by a co-worker? Wronged by a date? Want to call out an abuser? Now there’s an app for that.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina Dec 8, 2023 ( – THEIR ACTIONS app is not just another chat app – it’s a place for those seeking judgement-free emoting while connecting with other people who can relate to their story. Anonymous and free from the constraints of other chat apps, it’s designed exclusively for people to speak their truth, heal, and thrive by simply talking it out. Whether it’s a cheating boyfriend, a handsy boss, or a person suffering from a painful experience, Their Actions app believes that no one should silence your need to express yourself honestly.

Holding feelings in can be detrimental to mental health. Too often, people are scared to come forward and call out bad behavior for fear of retribution. But with the popular chat platform Their Actions, people feeling offended by others have a safe and anonymous digital space to vent their frustrations.

Their Actions is the #1 app that empowers users to air their grievances online and be heard. Users can share their stories of others’ bad behaviors without fear of judgment and connect with others who may have experienced similar situations as they have.

Their Actions app allows users to post in specific geographic regions or groups or create their own groups to share their frustrations.

The mission of Their Actions is to provide an additional avenue for healing outside of traditional therapy settings. The anonymous nature of the platform empowers community members to use their voices while creating a space that fosters understanding and empathy from others.

“We’re done with people suffering in silence,” said Lisa Geyer, CEO of Their Actions. “Whether it’s discrimination, dealing with unwanted advances, abuse, or just bad behavior, holding trauma in exacerbates the damage. Our goal with Their Actions app is to call out bad behavior and give our community members a cathartic space to let go of what’s hurting them and find support from others who genuinely care.”

Geyer conceived of Their Actions app during the pandemic. With so many people being stuck inside their homes in abusive situations or dealing with other traumas, they didn’t have easy access to therapy or other outlets to share their concerns. She created Their Actions app to empower people to share their experiences and find relief in a supportive community.

Their Actions app is the second platform founded by Geyer. In 2018, she founded Guardian Band; a company that provides wearable safety products. After being tired of hearing story after story of people being victimized because of their gender, color or love interests, Geyer started Guardian Band and created its flagship product, a smartwatch called the GB Defender. The watch streams live video, audio, and location to a cloud account and a list of friends to help keep those wearing it safe. The product was met with rave reviews, earning the title of the ‘Official Watch of Times Square’ in 2018. Geyer and her team were on-stage showcasing the GB Defender to over 200 million people during New York City’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

“I started Guardian Band to help keep people safe. Security cameras work to prohibit crime because no one wants their identity permanently recorded for the authorities to see. Our GB Defender smart watch works similarly; it is like wearing a security camera on your wrist,” said Geyer. “But mental health is equally as important as physical health and safety, and I believe this became increasingly clear during the pandemic. Now, with Their Actions app, people also have a community they can turn to vent their frustrations, helping them feel better and find validation for their struggles.”

Their Actions is currently available in English and is being translated into French, Spanish, and German.

Their Actions is available to download for iOS and Android devices. To learn more about Their Actions, visit

“Let’s be clear, this is not a dating or meetup app. This is a chat app for people who have to get something off their chest and heal by talking it out. It’s way overdue in the chat app world.” — Wired-apps

“Unleash your bottled-up issues with this new chat app. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have a safe space to tell your good, bad, and ugly stories. Talk with others who know what you are dealing with.” — Apps-now

“Women around the world – there is a new chat app where you can meet others who totally get what you have gone through. This app was created by a woman for people who have had painful experiences that they just need to talk about.” — Womeninthenews

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