The Third ‘100,000 Graduation Ceremony’ sets an exemplary standard for safety and order

The Third ‘100,000 Graduation Ceremony’ sets an exemplary standard for safety and order

Chairman Man Hee Lee of Shincheonji Church

The Shincheonji 12 Tribes Zion Christian Mission Center held its Class 114 graduation ceremony on the 12th at the Daegu Stadium. Following 2019 with 103,764 graduates and 2022 with 106,186, this year produced 108,084 graduates.

Melbourne, Victoria Dec 14, 2023 ( – The ‘100,000 Graduation Ceremony’ held on this day for those who entered Shincheonji Church of Jesus The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Chairman Man-hee Lee, hereinafter Shincheonji Church) this year gathered over 100,000 saints in one place and concluded smoothly without a single safety incident.

The Zion Christian Mission Center of Shincheonji Church, the biblical education institution, held the ‘Shincheonji 12 Tribes Zion Christian Mission Center Class 114 Graduation Ceremony’ at the Daegu Stadium on this day. The total number of graduates produced from this 100,000 graduation ceremony is 108,084. This is the third time that over 100,000 graduates have been produced, following 103,764 in 2019 and 106,186 in 2022.

The graduation ceremony on this day, which began with the opening declaration of Chairman Man-hee Lee of Shincheonji Church, was followed by congratulatory videos from figures around the world, including Petre Lzroiu, a former judge of the Constitutional Court of Romania, and a commemorative address by Chairman Lee. Chairman Lee encouraged the graduates, saying, “God will see our gathering, and let’s make a good world according to God’s will.”

Regarding the teachings that the graduates received, Chairman Lee emphasized, “Although the book of Revelation is not lengthy, it contains tremendous content about the coming of the kingdom of God.” He stressed, “Believing in this and spreading all of this to many people is God’s will.”

He then added, “The fact that God and heaven come to this land and become one means that it becomes a holy world ruled by God. Let’s make a good world according to God’s will.”

President Tan Young-jin of the Zion Christian Mission Center, in his congratulatory remarks, said, “Graduates, you have heard directly the highest teachings in 6,000 years and confirmed what God promised today. I believe you have definitely realized who I am, according to the Bible. Now, let’s lead in restoring the nations together and achieving peace in the global village.”

During the graduation ceremony, a 15-minute card section performance with the theme ‘New Testament Revelation Testified by Shincheonji: Events of Betrayal, Destruction, and Salvation’ attracted enthusiastic cheers and applause from over 10,000 participants. This card section, compressing the meaning of the ‘Entire book of Revelation,’ is evaluated as comprehensive cultural art content that expresses the prophecy of Revelation and its realization in cards, unique in the world.

The presentation of graduation certificates, the passing of the tassel, and the presentation of awards were followed by much attention to the graduation statement by graduate Jung Hyun-mo.

Jung, a graduate who is currently the Vice President of I.U.C. Korea Graduate School, said, “Last year, I was invited as a guest to the site of the Class 113 100,000 graduation ceremony. I was curious about what the secret was that gathered 100,000 people every year, even in the face of severe persecution, and especially about why the young people filling the stadium were so lively and vibrant. Following the belief that I will not walk the wrong path, I took courses at both the Zion Christian Mission Center and the Theological Graduate School of (established denominations) simultaneously.”

He revealed, “The level of the teachings was truly a heaven-and-earth difference. Shincheonji not only testified to the true meaning of Revelation but also unequivocally proved the actuality of the prophecies as they were fulfilled. As a child of light conveying the word of God, I will repay this grace and love.”

In this 100,000 graduation ceremony, a total of 6,274 domestic and international current and former pastors and theology students graduated, attracting attention. This is more than ten times the number of pastors who graduated from last year’s ceremony, which was 522.

Meanwhile, this graduation ceremony was successfully concluded with considerable effort put into safety and order. As a large-scale event, Shincheonji Church focused on safety and order throughout, implementing a transportation plan for participants to enter and exit in a dispersed manner over more than 10 hours. The number of tourist buses moved for the event was over 2,200, and Shincheonji Church dispersed garages to various regions, including Dalseong-gun, Changnyeong-gun, and Ulsan-si, to minimize traffic congestion.

In addition, each vehicle had a team leader and guide volunteers were assigned by section. A total of 14,000 safety personnel and staff were assigned to focus on safety management. Additionally, medical booths, emergency medical services, and ambulance standby teams were operated.

A Shincheonji Church official stated, “As a large-scale event, we prioritized safety and order and took considerable effort in proceeding.” They added, “To prepare for the harsh weather and unforeseen situations, we conducted emergency rescue education, deployed medical staff, and built a medical system.”

“Among all denominations worldwide, Shincheonji Church is the only place where over 100,000 saints gather every year. This is because the word of truth is in Shincheonji, and God and Jesus are present. We hope you will confirm the word and become one within the Bible.”

Graduates attending the Shincheonji 12 Tribes Zion Christian Mission Center Class 114

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