ETSA Token Revolutionizing Energy Savings and Crypto Mining in 2024

ETSA Token Revolutionizing Energy Savings and Crypto Mining in 2024

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Madrid, Spain, Feb. 23, 2024 – (500NewsWire) — Envision a scenario where industrial enterprises, operating round-the-clock and perpetually consuming electricity, aren't just performing their standard operations. They're now actively engaged in mining Bitcoin while significantly reducing their energy consumption. ETSA is at the forefront of this revolution, offering advanced equipment that cuts down electricity usage by approximately 12-13%. This means an industrial unit with a power requirement of 100 kW, previously consuming 100 kW hours, now operates on just about 91 kW hours. This innovation addresses two critical issues: cost-effective mining and a reduction in energy consumption, thereby lowering carbon emissions.

Since its inception in 2016, the energy-saving equipment named after the ETSA token has been successfully implemented across a diverse range of sectors. This includes industrial and medical facilities as well as various data centers in different countries. In the future, ETSA tokens aim to replace traditional white energy efficiency certificates and stand as a formidable competitor to Tesla's energy efficiency certifications. This ambition gains relevance with the European Union's introduction of the digital Euro this autumn and ongoing discussions in the European Commission about the tokenization of white certificates. These are certificates awarded to industrial enterprises for reducing their carbon footprint through the use of energy-saving equipment. ETSA's approach could revolutionize the way energy efficiency is rewarded and traded in the industrial sector.

Integrated ASIC Mining

A distinguishing feature of ETSA is the integration of a 3.5 kW ASIC miner, a specialized device for efficient Bitcoin mining, within their energy-saving setup. This addition effectively increases the total power capacity to 103.5 kW while keeping actual energy consumption at a reduced 91 kW, thanks to the equipment's high efficiency. This setup enables seamless Bitcoin mining without additional energy costs.

ETSA provides a dual benefit: it's not only an energy-saving solution but also a source of steady income through Bitcoin mining. Users can anticipate an average daily income of approximately $16 in Bitcoin for every 100 kW of their equipment. This income is a direct result of the energy saved and effectively used for mining.

Looking ahead to 2024, ETSA is poised to become a key player in the crypto world. They offer a sustainable and profitable approach that skillfully blends energy conservation with the lucrative realm of cryptocurrency mining.

Harnessing Efficiency with ETSA Token Allocation

ETSA is at the forefront of blending energy efficiency with cryptocurrency mining. Our core innovation lies in reducing electricity consumption by 12-13%. This groundbreaking technology benefits both industrial and domestic settings, while uniquely incorporating ASIC miners to enable efficient Bitcoin mining.

Reaping Rewards Through Mining

With ETSA, power isn't just consumed; it's utilized creatively. Our equipment increases the total power capacity to 103.5 kW but uses the surplus energy specifically for Bitcoin mining. This means each 100 kW of ETSA equipment can potentially earn an average of $16 daily in Bitcoin, all without incurring extra energy costs.

Our innovative approach significantly reduces net power usage to 91 kW, ensuring substantial energy cost savings for our clients. This efficiency is a testament to the synergy between ETSA and KonSar equipment, redefining energy utilization in the crypto mining landscape.

ETSA's mission is fueled by a dedicated team of technical and marketing experts committed to continuous improvement and market adaptation. Our goal is to expand ETSA's influence, not just within the EU but globally, fostering a robust community centered on energy-saving and crypto mining solutions.

Ongoing Research

We place a strong emphasis on future-proofing our technology. Through continuous research and development, we ensure that ETSA remains a leader in energy-saving innovations, always one step ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

Strategic Planning

Our approach is methodical and forward-thinking. We meticulously analyze every aspect, from energy savings to crypto mining, ensuring each step we take maximizes both efficiency and profitability. ETSA is more than a token; it's a commitment to a sustainable and profitable future in the world of cryptocurrency.

Meet the ETSA Visionaries

  • Vitaliy Teterin, Technical Mastermind: Vitaliy is at the forefront of ETSA's innovation, spearheading the development of cutting-edge energy-saving technology.
  • Roman Yazadshi, CTO: At the helm of technical innovation, Roman is pivotal in sculpting and propagating the ETSA ecosystem. His leadership is instrumental in extending its influence and efficacy, achieved through strategic outreach and technological foresight.
  • Andrey Karimov, Crypto Innovator: Andrey seamlessly blends cryptocurrency mining with energy efficiency, fortifying ETSA's unique position in the market.

Embracing a Sustainable and Profitable Future with ETSA

ETSA transcends the traditional boundaries of energy conservation, merging it with the lucrative world of cryptocurrency mining. This synergy not only offers substantial savings but also creates a new paradigm for profitable energy utilization, positioning ETSA as a leader in sustainable technology.

2024 Roadmap:

Q1 2024: The Beginning

  • Launch of the innovative ETSA tokens.
  • Introduction of the ETSA and KonSar energy-saving equipment, targeting up to 13% electricity savings.
  • Incorporation of ASIC mining technology, enhancing the value proposition of energy savings.
  • A dynamic marketing campaign to elevate ETSA's presence across various platforms.

Q2 2024: Enhancing Impact and Expanding Reach

  • Advancement in ETSA's technology for optimized efficiency.
  • Growth in market presence, reaching out to industrial and domestic sectors across the EU.
  • Deepening partnerships, including with Waynance Tech, a crucial ally facilitating cryptocurrency to fiat conversion, thereby boosting platform usability and enriching user experiences.
  • Emphasis on customer feedback to continually refine products and services.

Q3 2024: Broadening Horizons

  • Versatile application of ETSA technology in diverse sectors.
  • Enhanced user experience and interface for greater engagement.
  • Strengthened integration of blockchain for secure and transparent operations.
  • Strategic global expansion beyond the EU.

Q4 2024: The Era of Innovation

  • Introduction of advanced ETSA and KonSar equipment models.
  • Development of an efficient energy management system.
  • Exploration of new technologies for increased energy savings.
  • Consolidation of legal and financial structures for global reach.

Stay tuned for ETSA's journey of innovation and join the conversation by visiting our Official Website.

Get Ready for SFERA: The Future of Our Ecosystem

The imminent launch of the SFERA token marks a new era for ETSA. SFERA, an internal ecosystem token, is set to surpass the achievements of its predecessor with enhanced efficiency and broader utility.

SFERA: The Core of the ETSA Ecosystem

SFERA is not just an integral part of the ETSA ecosystem; it also boasts its own token, sharing the same name, SFERA. This token is far more than an add-on to the ETSA project; it embodies the progression and expansion of our ecosystem. Designed to complement and enhance the ETSA platform, SFERA is set to propel our platform to new levels of innovation and influence. Imagine a token that epitomizes efficiency and robustness, poised to make a significant mark in the crypto world. That token is SFERA.

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