Global Author Chincia Kenner Releases a New E Kindle Book Called “Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence “

Global Author Chincia Kenner Releases a New E Kindle Book Called “Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence “

Chincia K. Also Announces The Release Of Her First AI Collaboration Documentary Is Out Now

Jacksonville, Florida Feb 25, 2024 ( – Artificial Intelligence is on the rise, where companies and individuals are embracing it by using various applications in various industries. Global Author Chincia Kenner embarked on a journey to research artificial intelligence and to identify how she would like to use for it her business. As a creator, she defined that she would like to continue to be the person behind creativity and only use it to perform tasks. She is in the entertainment business, where she performs her own songwriting, scriptwriting, book publications, musical performances, and voiceovers. As a creator, she does not plan to use artificial intelligence for any of these tasks. In December 2023, she launched her own entertainment television channel on Troptions Network where she defined that her television channel would consist of television shows and content which would demonstrate her collaboration by using AI spokespersons.

Artistically, she would embrace artificial intelligence by writing the scripts for the television shows and using the AI spokesperson to generate them. With a full-time career in technology and artificial intelligence on the rise, there is also always a fear of employees being replaced. However, behind artificial intelligence, there is still always the need for humans. Therefore, she feels it’s better to embrace the trend and determine how you can collaborate with this technology and utilize it for your business. As a small business owner, she believes the more you know about the subject this could help you make the right decisions on how artificial intelligence can be used in your own space the correct way. Chincia realized that people would have concerns about artificial intelligence, and this resulted in the idea of a recent E Kindle release called Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence.

Her new book Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence is 30,000 words and consists of 118 pages which would take about two and a half hours for an average reader. Collaborating with Artificial Intelligence for Your Business presents an insightful and practical guide to leveraging the power of AI to drive business growth and innovation. As AI technology evolves rapidly, this book serves as a roadmap for businesses seeking to harness its potential and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape. Through a blend of theoretical concepts, case studies, and practical strategies, the authors provide a comprehensive overview of how AI can transform various aspects of a business, from customer service and marketing to operations and decision-making. They address common misconceptions, ethical considerations, and the practical challenges of implementing AI solutions, offering actionable insights for businesses of all sizes.

Chincia K did not just author a book, she also demonstrated how she is utilizing it by creating content for her television shows on Troptions Network. On February 24th, she released her new commercial documentary called Defining the Foundation Of Your Product which she has directed, collaborating with AI by using AI spokespersons to help narrate the story by providing you tips on finding inspiration and also using the history of your roots to Define The Foundation Of Your Product. She also has launched a book promo video where she collaborates with AI to announce the new release of her book. There will be additional shows on her television channel which will demonstrate her collaboration with AI, where Chincia has written the script for each spokesperson. She agrees there needs to be regulations in place around the use of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has been around for years, the awareness of was not on the rise until now.

Chincia feels that it is not just the more companies who are in the fields of finance, healthcare and logistics who can benefit from AI. It is also people in the field of technology, entertainment, and other small businesses who can benefit from the rise of artificial intelligence. The more knowledge you have about it, the more ways you can be successful in utilizing it.

The book Collaborating with Artificial Intelligence is currently on Amazon E Kindle for Presale. You must have E Kindle account and you can purchase by using this link

The book will be officially released on Amazon E Kindle on March 6th.

The documentary is currently out now on Vimeo and will also be released on the IDMTV Channel on Troptions Network, Roku, and Apple TV

Defining The Foundation of Your Products on Vimeo

Viewers can also check out the Book Promotion video here:

Book Promo -Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence on Vimeo

Chincia will be continuing her launch of AI collaborations on streaming television channels who are embracing TV shows in the fields, technology, fashion, metaverse and documentaries.

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