Old Dominion Hemp Announces Rebranding to Dominion Hemp

WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA – Dominion Hemp, formerly known as Old Dominion Hemp, the leading distributor of high-quality hemp bedding for horses, chickens, and pets, unveils its new brand identity. Along with changing the name from Old Dominion Hemp to Dominion Hemp, the company developed a new logo and new packaging as well as launched a redesigned […]

Grouspawn.com Launches New Website, Offers Dating Advice and Tips

Claymont, DE – Grouspawn.com is an online relationship and dating website that provides carefully curated information to help readers find their desired partners. The online platform focuses on creating the right experience for its readers, so they’ve launched a new, easy-to-use, and seamless website. Grouspawn.com‘s new website has been carefully structured with the reader in […]

Rockford University Launches Data Analytics Degree Program in Response to Industry Demand

ROCKFORD, Ill. – Rockford University proudly introduces its new Data Analytics Degree Program, addressing the escalating need for skilled data professionals. The program equips students to excel in today’s data-centric landscape. “The world is rapidly embracing data-driven solutions, and our program will mold analytical leaders who can drive impactful decisions,” said President Dr. Patricia Lynott. […]

Westborough Bioresonance Hair Analysis: Nutritional Deficiency Testing Updated

The newly announced complementary therapy is offered as part of an individual holistic health and nutrition plan. The simple, non-invasive test requires a small sample of the patient’s hair and may uncover individual food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies that can cause digestive issues, fatigue, chronic pain, and other symptoms. More information is available at https://www.poeholistichealth.com/ […]

Iris Energy talks opportunities in generative AI market

–News Direct– Iris Energy Limited (NASDAQ:IREN) head of corporate finance and investor relations Lincoln Tan speaks with Proactive following the news the company has purchased 248 of NVIDIAs latest-generation artificial intelligence (AI) H100 GPUs for approximately US$10 million. He says the initial purchase is expected to be delivered in the coming months and will allow […]

Fort Collins Italian Style Thin Crust Pizza: Restaurant & Wine Bar Announced

Pulcinella Pizzeria & Wine Bar is now offering a wide variety of authentic Italian pizzas with a traditional hand-tossed thin crust. Available in small to large sizes, customers can choose from classic flavors or create their own pizza from a selection of protein and vegetable toppings. More details can be found at https://www.pulcinellapizzeria.com/ As part […]

Pure Drip IV Health & Wellness Offers IV Infusions And Booster Injections

Pure Drip IV Health & Wellness is a locally and family owned and operated IV therapy business located in Fort Collins, Colorado that offers a wide variety of IV infusions and booster injections for multiple different purposes. This company takes pride in being the first physical location in Fort Collins dedicated solely to IV therapy […]

Things To Do In Cappadocia: Attraction & Destination Travel Guide Released

Great Escape Travel Blog’s latest piece provides travelers with a wealth of information on activities and places to visit in Cappadocia, a region of Central Anatolia, Turkey, famous for its distinctive “fairy chimney” geographical formations, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and rich history. More details can be found at https://greatescapetravel.blog/things-to-do-in-cappadocia/ Whether readers are looking for a […]

Toronto HydroPeptide Facials, Ant-Wrinkle Beauty Spa Treatments Launched

The expert aestheticians and facialists at Effortless Beaute believe HydroPeptide has made some of the most innovative, naturally restorative and genuinely beneficial clinically proven epigenetic skin treatments available and they are proud to be integrating HydroPeptide products into a new selection of one-hour facials. Effortless Beaute’s new facials use HydroPeptides and other advanced skincare products […]

Worcester, MA Holistic Treatment For Allergy Relief & Chronic Pain Update

Led by Dr. Kristen Poe, PhD, DN, a consultant and holistic health practitioner, the clinic now offers treatments designed to provide relief for localized pain and discomfort while using holistic methods to address the patient’s whole system, including psychological sources of stress, anxiety or depression, and nutritional deficiencies. More information can be found at https://www.poeholistichealth.com […]


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