“BAIAN THE ASSAIN, M.D. 1&2” Report in Porto Film Festival which is the 3 major fantastic film festivals in the world.

“BAIAN THE ASSAIN, M.D. 1&2” Report in Porto Film Festival which is the 3 major fantastic film festivals in the world.


Japanese movies, “BAIAN THE ASSAIN, M.D. 1&2” report in Porto Film Festival2024.

Distrito do Porto, Portugal Mar 4, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Shotaro Ikenami, the great writer of historical novels, the two-part film “Baian the Assasin, M.D. 1&2 ” (to be released in Japan in 2023) was officially invited to Fantasporto, Film Festival in Porto, Portugal.

This film was nominated in the “Orient Express Offical Selection” and “Portuguese Official Selection”, and was screened at Cinema Batalha, a historic theater in Porto since 1906, on 4Mar.

In the stage greeting, executive producer Tomoyuki Miyagawa (Nihon Eiga Hoso) explained how Heizo Hasegawa (Koshiro Matsumoto) crossed paths with the main character Baian Fujieda (Etsushi Toyokawa) in the last scene of ” Baian the Assasin, M.D.2 ” film, leading to a new ” Samurai Detective Onihei ” film, and also announced the worldwide distribution of the new film ” Samurai Detective Onihei: Blood for Blood” to be released in Japan in May, to which the audience gave a loud applause and cheered.


Through “BAIAN” this time, we received applause from many audiences and felt that Samurai Odyssey has been well accepted in Europe. With period dramas showing strong results in worldwide distribution on YouTube, we feel that period dramas are spreading from overseas as well. I believe that ” BAIAN ” will have a positive effect on our latest productions such as our the latest work “Samurai Detective Onihei: Blood for Blood ” and “Samurai vs Ninja”survice.

BAIAN is a dark hero in Tokyo, 225 years ago, in the Edo period, who is an acupuncture doctor but actually has a face to assassinate people with needles. This “Baian 1” will be available on YouTube for a limited time after this screening. The newest film “Samurai Detective Onihei: Blood for Blood ” will also be screened in Japan on 10 May. We would like to make our new film available to the people of Portugal and the rest of the world as well. I hope that the Portuguese people will also enjoy “Baian” and the new “Onihei” film.

Fantasporto Founder, Festival Director COMMENT

How fantastic to find the Baian way of doctor acupuncture’s quietest assassins without blood! It is a goose bumped on your neck. Based on legendary Samurai odyssey by Ikenami Shotaro, Baian translated into Manga, Anime, TV series and now as beautifully created live action films to be shown the first time in Fantasporto.

[Baian the Assasin, M.D. 1&2]


Etsushi Toyokawa/Ainosuke Kataoka/Miho Kanno/Ryo Ono/Atsuko Takahata/Kaoru Kobayashi

*Guest 1 : Taichi Saotome/Toshiro Yanagiba/Yuki Amami

*Guest 2:Hayate Ichinose /Kippei Shiina/Koichi Sato

<Original>Shotaro Ikenami (Shikakenin Fujieda Baian/Kodanshya)

<Stuff> Director: Shunsaku Kawake Writer: Sumio Omori Music: Kenji Kawai Production: Toei Studios Kyoto

<WEBSITE > baian-movie.comSNS/X’ @jdigk_partners

Shotaro Ikenami’s historical novel series of the same name, on which the movie “Baian Fujieda, the Worker in Progress” is based, is a blockbuster bestseller with a total of over 6 million copies in print and has been made into a timeless entertainment film many times. The main character, Baian Fujieda, is a dark hero who has two faces: he is a skilled acupuncturist who saves lives, and he is a criminal who buries evil that cannot be kept alive for the sake of others.

[Baian the Assasin, M.D. 1] will be limited on the Official “SAMURAI vs NINJYA” YOUTUBE Channel from 5 March (JST)




Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Shotaro Ikenami’s birth

“Samurai Detective Onihei: Blood for Blood” (Drama)


Koushiro Matsumoto/Somegoro Ichikawa Atsuko Sendo Yuri Nkamura

/Syohei Hino /Motohiro Yasukaze Yosuke Asagi Jyundai Yamada Yuki Kubota

Tokio Emoto HiroMatsumoto Tara Nakajima Mirai

Shida Honoka Matsumoto Yukiya Kitamura Kiichi Nakai Akira Emoto

Auther Syotaro Ikenami’ONIHEIHANKACHO'(Bungeisyunjyu)

Staff: Director Tomohiko Yamashita

Writer: Uumio Omori Music Ryo Yoshimoto

Official WEBSITEhttps://onihei-hankacho.com/movie/

X @jdigk_partners


Known as one of the 3 major series by historical novel master Shotaro Ikenami,

The best-selling historical novel “Onihei Hankacho” with an official circulation of over 30 million copies.

Based on the original work, the 10th generation, Koshiro Matsumoto, will be starring as the “New Onihei”, and a new TV drama (3 works) and movie version (1 work) will be released under the name of the “Samurai Detective Onihei”‘ series.


The first episode, “Lawless Love,” which was broadcast and distributed on January 8th, was well received.

The 2nd movie, “Blood for Blood,” is scheduled to be released in theaters nationwide on May 10th.

Additionally, “Deku no Juzo” is scheduled to be broadcast and distributed in June, and “Kekudou no Tanbei” is scheduled to be broadcast in July.

The Movie, “Samurai Detective Onihei: Blood for Blood” will be distributed on distribution platforms around the world in 2024!

In 2024, “Samurai Detective Onihei: Lawless Love,” a special drama produced around the same time as “Samurai Detective Onihei: Blood for Blood” is scheduled for distribution on “SAMURAI VS NINJA,” a paid subscription service that transmits samurai dramas from the past to 40 countries around the world, with a focus on South Americ.


An entertainment brand that globally promotes the appeal of Japan’s unique content, “Jidai Geki” (historical dramas). It is also available in 40 countries around the world, including the United States, through a pay-per-view distribution platform.



* Countries for distribution will be expanded sequentially

(C)[Samurai Detective Onihei: Blood for Blood]Film Partners

fantasporltsesson2CSamurai Detective Onihei Blood for BloodFilm Partnersfantasporltsession3fantasporltsession4

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