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Diamont Beauty, the expected K-Beauty leading global platform to be launched soon.

Diamont Beauty is a leading global innovation in K-beauty, offering a comprehensive platform including cosmetic services, hair care, nail art, and body care. Their goal is to revolutionize the beauty sector by introducing unprecedented beauty standards and experiences, with a goal to dominate the global beauty industry by 2032 using innovative and sustainable strategies. It […]

Diamont Beauty, the world’s anticipated K-beauty platform will launch on April.

Diamont Beauty is a worldwide leader in K-beauty, providing a full platform that includes cosmetic treatments, hair care, nail art, and body care. Their mission is to transform the beauty business by offering new beauty standards and experiences, with the ultimate goal of dominating the global beauty market by 2032 via creative and sustainable techniques. […]

Academicians discuss ways of mitigating climate change in cities, communities

Ajman, UAE, Mar 8, 2024, Academicians from across the world have discussed the various ways of reducing carbon emissions in cities and communities as nations try to fight the effects of climate change. In a panel discussion titled: “SHAPING THE FUTURE FOR NET ZERO CITIES AND COMMUNITIES” at the Ajman 7th International Environmental Conference, which was […]

A Journey from Obesity to Fitness: There’s an eBook and App for That!

Imagine a world where the journey from obesity to fitness is just a tap away. A world where you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on treatments, surgeries, gym equipment, or fitness studio memberships. A world where you don’t have to starve or exhaust yourself with high-intensity workouts. This is not a dream. It’s […]

Nevius & Associates is Redefining Real Estate Services in Las Vegas & Henderson

Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada, USA — Nevius & Associates, a leading real estate firm, is setting a new standard in the industry with its commitment to providing superior, informed, and professional services to buyers and sellers. Led by Broker/CEO Jimmy Nevius, the team is dedicated to delivering the ultimate representation, ensuring that clients feel like royalty […]