Sexual Assault Attorney Adam Lustberg Releases Insightful Article on New York Sexual Assault Laws

Sexual Assault Attorney Adam Lustberg Releases Insightful Article on New York Sexual Assault Laws

Sexual assault attorney Adam Lustberg of Lustberg Law Offices, LLC has recently published an informative article that sheds light on the complexities of sexual assault laws in New York. The comprehensive piece comes at a time when public consciousness surrounding sexual crimes is heightened, and the legal landscape continues to evolve.

The article by the New Jersey-based sexual assault attorney delves into the intricacies of sexual assault charges and their potential repercussions on the accused’s life and freedom. Adam Lustberg emphasizes the seriousness of these charges and how they can lead to severe consequences even before a conviction is reached. The article explains that those accused may face a long prison sentence, stringent probation periods, and a life-long stigma that can persist even after being found not guilty.

Lustberg Law Offices’ sexual assault attorney also underscores the importance of having a knowledgeable legal representative who can navigate the delicate nature of such charges. “Sexual assault cases require a sensitive but tactical approach to ensure that the rights of the accused are fully protected,” says Adam Lustberg. His firm’s mission is to provide robust and fair representation to those facing these serious accusations.

The article further outlines the definition of sexual assault under New Jersey law, as codified in N.J.S.A. 2C:14-2, and discusses the extreme gravity associated with a conviction of aggravated sexual assault. “Aggravated sexual assault is one of the most harshly penalized crimes in New Jersey, with penalties that can include up to 20 years of imprisonment,” Lustberg explains. He stresses the necessity of skilled legal counsel in such high-stakes situations.

Additionally, the article touches on the implications of Megan’s Law and the tier classification system for registered sex offenders in New Jersey. Adam Lustberg highlights the profound impact that these classifications can have on an individual’s life post-incarceration, affecting employment opportunities and societal perception.

Lustberg Law’s team, led by Adam M. Lustberg, is prepared to handle the complex and sensitive nature of sexual assault defense. The firm’s approach is compassionate and respectful, ensuring that each client’s story is heard and their legal rights are fiercely defended. “Facing allegations of sexual assault can be an incredibly isolating experience, but you don’t have to go through it alone,” adds Lustberg.

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Lustberg Law Offices, LLC is a Hackensack criminal defense law firm dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation to clients in New Jersey and New York. The firm is known for its commitment to clients, taking on challenging cases and offering a non-judgmental, aggressive defense. Whether it’s a case of sexual assault or other criminal charges, Adam M. Lustberg and his team strive to safeguard their clients’ rights and pursue the best possible outcomes. With years of experience and a thorough understanding of criminal law, Lustberg Law Offices, LLC stands as a pillar of legal support for those in need.

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