Boris Usherovich’s Tale of Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s Carnival Splendor

Boris Usherovich’s Tale of Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s Carnival Splendor

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The second most popular carnival in the world took place from January 12 to February 18 this year. Boris Usherovich was among the guests who flocked to the Canary Islands.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Mar 7, 2024 ( – Having spent three days at the outset of February immersed in the festivities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Boris Usherovich eagerly shared his transformed perspective of the Canary Islands. Previously associated primarily with beach leisure, authentic cuisine, and natural wonders, he found himself engulfed in an unexpected and exhilarating experience–the vibrant energy of the Rio Carnival amidst the Old World charm. Moreover, he delighted in uncovering the rich cultural tapestry of the Canary Islands and the open-mindedness of its inhabitants.

Usherovich recounted his fortune in witnessing key events of the festival, including the grand gala of the Carnival Queen on February 7th and the subsequent Announcement Parade. Both spectacles mesmerized him with their imaginative costume designs and the infectious enthusiasm of participants parading through the festive streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife for hours on end, radiating smiles, dances, songs, and cheers to the public. With over 50 musical and choreographic groups partaking in the parade under the reign of the newly crowned Queen Corina Mrazek Gonzalez, the affair left an indelible mark.

Commending the plethora of daytime performances showcased on various stages throughout the city, Usherovich celebrated how these offerings allowed tourists to delve into the vibrant culture of the Canary Islands through traditional forms of performing arts such as murgas, rondallas, comparsas, and more. He underscored the accessibility of these events, often held outdoors and free of charge, affording both tourists and locals the liberty to join fancy-dress processions at their leisure.

Another aspect Usherovich lauded was the efforts made by local authorities to ensure the festival’s inclusivity. Demonstrating a commitment to accessibility, dedicated zones of silence were allocated for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, alongside special areas for those with reduced mobility. Additional security and traffic measures were implemented to guarantee a safe and seamless experience for all attendees.

Rooted in tradition, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife traces its origins back to at least the 17th century, marking the prelude to the fasting season of Lent. Officially recognized in the 20th century, the carnival now aspires to attain UNESCO’s designation as an intangible cultural heritage. Held annually for several weeks, typically in February-March, the carnival adopts various historical, cultural, and thematic motifs. In 2024, the theme “Television” was chosen through online voting, further illustrating the festival’s dynamic and evolving nature.

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