Revolutionizing Personal Health: The Launch of ENLIVEN’s AI Coach

Revolutionizing Personal Health: The Launch of ENLIVEN’s AI Coach

In the digital age, the pursuit of personal health and wellness has increasingly intersected with technology, leading to the birth of ENLIVEN Sports LLC, a company that stands at the forefront of this dynamic intersection. Founded by the visionary Mikus Sprinovskis, ENLIVEN is introducing a groundbreaking AI personal health coach, setting new standards in personalized fitness and health optimization.

Many people struggle with the high cost of healthcare in the US. In the opinion of the public court, the collection of data from medical procedures can be excessive, and the resulting medical bills can bring people to significant financial debt and put them in debt collection. This is a major concern, but ENLIVEN’s AI coach offers a proactive solution. Through personalized health and fitness guidance, ENLIVEN empowers users to prevent health-related issues before they arise, potentially reducing reliance on expensive medical interventions.

Innovative Technology for Personalized Health Guidance:

ENLIVEN’s AI health coach represents a monumental leap in health and fitness technology. By harnessing the power of smart health tracking devices, this advanced AI system analyzes users’ biomechanics, vitals, and overall performance in real-time. Employing sophisticated deep learning algorithms and neural networks, it customizes health and fitness programs tailored to each individual’s specific needs, guiding users toward their optimal health goals with precision and efficiency.

A Visionary Leader in Health Tech:

Mikus Sprinovskis’s journey from a professional in youth development programs, notably with the LA Kings, to the CEO and Founder of ENLIVEN Sports LLC, reflects his deep commitment to enhancing personal health through innovation. Sprinovskis’s leadership has been instrumental in realizing the vision of ENLIVEN: to democratize access to personalized health coaching, making it available to a broader audience beyond professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


The launch of ENLliven’s AI personal health coach marks a significant milestone in the evolution of personal health technology. With its unique approach to health and fitness guidance, ENLIVEN is poised to transform the lives of individuals around the globe, empowering them to achieve their health goals with an unprecedented level of personalization and insight. To make ENLIVEN’s program accessible to a wider audience, we’re excited to announce that Citi Bank and American Express will be among our payment processors, offering users convenient and secure payment options.

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