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Moon Child Rising: A Gripping Tale of Voodoo Magic, Mystery, and Redemption

Springdale, Arkansas May 9, 2024 ( – Renowned author R. H. Burkett unveils one of her literary masterpieces, “Moon Child Rising,” a spellbinding journey into the heart of the Louisiana swamps where magic and mystery intertwine with every turn of the page. In conjunction with the book’s release, Burkett sat down for an exclusive radio […]

Copper Property CTL Pass Through Trust Files Amended Annual Report for the Year Ended December 31, 2023

–News Direct– Copper Property CTL Pass Through Trust (the Trust) has filed Form 10-K/A with the SEC containing its amended Annual Report for the year ended December 31, 2023. The 10-K was amended to include the consolidated financial statements of Penney Intermediate Holdings LLC for the Year Ended February 3, 2024, which were not available […]

Did the Next Crypto Bull Run Begin? BTC Price Tops $64K and ETH Rises Above $3K. Raboo ICO Brings in Over $1 mil

–News Direct– Last week started with a bullish trend and the crypto-market saw significant price movements. The BTC price passed the $64,000 mark and the ETH price hit $3,100. Amid the excitement, Raboo, the new crypto sensation of the DeFi world, raised over $1 million in its ongoing presale and is quickly heading for a […]

Indian Visa For Austrian, Swedish, South African, Irish and Brazilian Citizens

Indian Visa for Austrian Citizens India is a popular destination for tourists and business travelers because it is one of the busiest markets in the world. Austrian residents can choose to conveniently obtain an e-Visa for India by applying online or by visiting the nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate in person. In 2014, the Indian […]


–News Direct– Baker Entertainment Group, a film development and production company rooted in the tradition of classic Hollywood romance by visionary filmmaker Jonathan Baker, announced today its new film titled Fate. Academy Award-winning actor Faye Dunaway (Bonnie & Clyde, Chinatown, Network), Academy Award-nominee Harvey Keitel (Bugsy, "Reservoir Dogs", Taxi Driver), and Actor, Director, Writer, Andrew […]

Indian Visa Requirements For Medical Attendant Visa

Indian Medical Attendant Visa The healthcare industry in India is expanding. India is seen as a top country for providing healthcare services for chronic illnesses such as cancer, while being more affordable compared to developed countries. Relatives of patients receiving medical care in India can apply for the Indian Physician Assistant Visa, also known as […]

Indian Visa For The British, French, German and Canadian Citizens

Indian Visa for British Citizens British citizens are able to apply for the India e-Visa, which is an online visa for entering the country. Great Britain and Northern Ireland are part of the UK, which is one of the 170 countries that can apply for an Indian visa online. Since its establishment in 2014, the […]

Indian Visa For Swedish, Australian, Spanish, Italian and Belgian Citizens

Indian Visa for Swedish Citizens In 2014, a new electronic system for travel authorization was introduced by the Indian government, allowing tourists from 169 countries to apply for an Indian e-Visa. Citizens of India living in the country or holding Indian citizenship can make use of an approved e-Visa document to enter the nation for […]

Indian Visa Eligibility, Documents Required For USA, UK Citizens

Indian Visa Documents Required Residents from 169 countries are now eligible to obtain E-Visas for India. This easy process will enable many travelers to obtain the necessary Indian entry permit. The aim of the India e-Visa is to simplify the process of applying for a visa and attract more foreign tourists. India acknowledges e-visas as […]

Indian Visa Application Process For Us Citizens And Customer Support

Indian Visa Application Process Individuals from 169 nations can choose to apply for visas using an internet-based system. To travel to India, individuals must obtain an Indian visa, also known as an Indian tourist visa. Individuals from eligible nations can enter India by obtaining an electronic visa. The electronic visa is valid for tourism, visiting […]

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